There are some terms used in this report which might not be common and/or might have a different meaning in general. This glossary contains a list of such terms along with their intended meaning in the report:

Term Description
DVNA Damn Vulnerable Node Application; An intentionally vulnerably Node.js application.
VM Virtual Machine used to complete the task.
Production VM/Server The Virtual Machine used to deploy and Host DVNA.
Jenkins Machine/VM The VM that has Jenkins installed on it to execute the pipeline for the task.
Agent VM The VM which has a Jenkins Agent installed to use the distributed build architecture.
Jenkins User The system user created on the VM after installing Jenkins.
Infrastructure The environment with the two VMs, the Jenkins VM and the Production VM.
EC2 Elastic Cloud Compute; A virtual machine on AWS Cloud.
ECS Elastic Container Service; A container orchestration service on AWS Cloud.
ECR Elastic Container Registry; A container registry on AWS Cloud.
RDS Relational Database Service; A managed relational DB on AWS Cloud.
IAM Identity and Access Management; A service to manage and access resources on AWS Cloud.